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Project PraticaMente Api

Project PraticaMente Api

The project carries out 3 different activities linked together by a minimum common denominator: bees. Their world, their social relationships, their function in our ecosystem, the need to protect them and to educate them to respect the environment and safeguard nature. The project develops distinct and well-defined activities but linked together in a constant dialogue that brings the world of bees and those who love them into the walls of our cities and among people who do not yet know them.

The planned activities are:

1 – Course for beekeepers: the project foresees the realization of a training course lasting 21 hours of classroom lessons and n. 40 hours of internship with direct experience in the field; conceived to transfer highly expendable technical-practical skills in the world of work. The course will be open to 3 types of students: people with mental illness, probationary prisoners and workers in the tourism sector. The people reported by the ASL – Department of Mental Health for Adults struggle every day against stigma and isolation and for them participating in an activity together with people who do not share the same path represents an opportunity for positive comparison during which to train their own relational and social skills. People reported by the Massa M.ma Prison can carry out their own rehabilitation path while learning a specific skill and with a certain relevance with respect to future job opportunities. People who are passionate about the beekeeping world can increase their knowledge and skills, in order to be able to plant a hive in their own space to produce honey on their own and contribute to the protection of bees.

2 – Educational proposal for minors: the project carries out an activity aimed at students of the 3rd-4th and 5th grades of the primary school of 3 schools in the area. In addition to learning about the world of bees, children will be called to exercise positive leadership, living experiences of shared meaning and meaning. Children are the citizens of tomorrow, experiences capable of putting them at the center and making them protagonists allow them to develop the critical sense and responsibility necessary to be and become aware interpreters of their role as citizens.

3 – Informative campaign and participatory process “l’Arnia del mio quartiere – alveari urbani”: The project performs attività rivolte all’inserimento di 3 arnie in altrettanti quartieri individuati da la Pubblica Amministrazione processes a process of participation that co-covers the cittadinance. I partcipanti all’atività avranno mode di allenare the proprietary competence sociali and civiche ovvero quelle competence personali, interpersonali and interculturali which consenton the person di prendere part in an effective and constructive way alla vita sociale e lavorativa. Social competence is based on the ability to understand and desire the modality of behavior and diversity in the environment. The civic competence and in particular the knowledge of the concetti and socio-political struture (democracy, giustizia, uguaglianza, cittadinanza e diritti civili) endows the person degli strumenti necessari to an active and democratic partcipazione.

The project partnership

Associazione Comunicare per Crescere ODV: leader and beneficiary of the financing stanziato dalla Regione Toscana to valere sull’avviso “concessione a soggetti del terzo settore di contributi en ambito sociale – year 2019” – directive decree n. 19683 of 11/19/2019.

SdS Valli Etrusche: co-financing partner who occupies the selezionare and partcipanti al corso per apicoltore (Department of Salute Mentale Adulti). The collaboration has come to the end of the injury of the relational, social and creative competence of all individuals without the promotion of an environmentalist and inclusive culture of the tutta finance.

Comune di Piombino, Comune di Suvereto, Comune di Campiglia M.ma: Enti sponsor of the participatory process and the association of the community in the field of a richness of aree urbane or extraurbane in conditions of degrade

State School 1st Dante Alighieri educational circle of Piombino – The classes identified by the Institute: 5 ^ D of the Piazza Dante Alighieri complex, 3 ^ -4 ^ -5 ^ of the Norma Parenti complex of Populonia,

Comprehensive Institute G. Marconi di Venturina – The classes identified by the Institute: 4th-5th Primary School P. Vannucci of Suvereto; 1st Grade Secondary School Masons of Suvereto,

will host and actively participate in activities 2 and 3 of the project, welcoming them in their teaching plan and preparing the understanding by the young students by independently addressing the topics then deepened in the implementation of the project activities (agreed planning of the activities carried out individually and jointly by the parties)

Massa M.ma Prison: selection of participants in the beekeeper course.

Cuore Liburnia Sociale – ONLUS social cooperative: partner in charge of assisting the organization of participatory processes


with reference to the “PraticaMente api” project, the activities in collaboration with the schools of the municipalities of Piombino and Suvereto. are suspended and no longer recoverable, they will therefore be replaced with a cooking course based on the use of bee products such as honey, always aimed at a target of fragile people such as users of Mental Health and inmates of the Massa M.ma Prison, people who are following the beekeeping course already foreseen by the project.

The cooking course will have Chef Giorgio Nocciolini as teacher. Some users will be able to take the course remotely.

Comunicare per crescere