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About us

About us

The Palazzo della Vigna is a historic structure. located within the Montioni Park in the Municipality of Suvereto (LI). It is managed by the Associazione Comunicare per Crescere ODV to develop Projects for the benefit of citizens who are mental health users. The objectives are:

  • strong and conscious social integration,
  • stigma reduction,
  • promoting healthy lifestyles,
  • knowledge of the territory and the environment through movement,
  • do training for the development of practical and working skills (beekeeping, tourist reception)
  • create job opportunities.

The Comunicare per Crescere Association ODV, which has been active in the Val di Cornia area since 2001, has among its objectives that of facilitating the relationship between the family members of the users and the socio-health institutions, through a stimulus action and of control, but above all of collaboration and comparison.

From that date, the synergies between the institutions have become ever closer, operational and profitable. This made it possible to plan and implement together projects aimed at mental health users with the aim of:

  • Train and acquire skills that can become a source of work;
  • facilitate integration with subjects of other realities (school students, detained in art. 21 of the Penitentiary Structure of Massa M.ma included in voluntary activities);
  • create situations of even playful encounters (trekking, themed days, other soccer tournaments) in order to spread correct lifestyles.
  • Offer paid employment opportunities in carrying out activities included in the projects.

Convinced of the importance of cooperation, we are committed to supporting and giving voice to the needs of family members and users in collaboration with family associations and users in the province of Livorno, sharing analysis of problems and initiatives to address them and solve them.

At the moment this aspect has faded somewhat due to the reorganization of the ASL 6 with the ASL North West; this year we requested to participate in the Memorandum of Understanding and the Zone Participation Committee (with reference to the resolution of the Tuscany Region, n. 177 of 26/02/2018), where we plan to restore the aforementioned collaboration and a fruitful work , in this regard, we participated in meetings with ASL representatives in the Donoratico site. We are part of the Tuscan Coordination of family mental health in Lucca; we participate in local events to give visibility to the activities and purposes of the Association to contribute to the reduction of stigma towards citizens who are mental health users