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Project Si può fare!

Project Si può fare!

The project “It can be done!” Is born from the participation of the Comunicare Association to Grow in the public notice for the concession to subjects of the Third Sector of social contributions – year 2018.

This notice was issued by the Welfare and Sport Sector of the Citizenship Rights and Social Cohesion Department in implementation of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Labor and the Tuscany Region.

In addition to the contribution of the Region, the project is carried out thanks to the resources made available by the “Valli Etrusche” Health Society and the synergy on the territory with the cooperative project partner Cuore Liburnia Sociale.

The objective of the project is to enhance the accommodation capacity of the Palazzo della Vigna, a structure managed for years by the Association, aiming at social tourism with a high educational and relational content.

The long work carried out by the Association is aimed at guaranteeing the right to holidays for the benefit of a clientele for which affordability to tourism is not a given, while at the same time creating opportunities for people with disabilities to work. In fact, the project also has the objective of increasing employment opportunities both in terms of numbers and in terms of quality to generate decent and inclusive work, both for disadvantaged people and for those with disabilities.

The team of workers is also supported by the volunteers fielded by the Association to carry out all the activities necessary for the functioning of the structure.

The stay at the Palazzo della Vigna, as well as offering a familiar and welcoming place immersed in a luxuriant natural park, is enriched by the possibility of participating in the many activities that the Association carries out with the aim of favoring paths of protection and promotion of health and of the well-being of the person.

The creative workshops created within the structure allow you to explore your own creativity, to enhance your expression skills and to get in touch with aspects of nature that the usual city environment does not reveal.